Monday, April 1, 2013

Endorsing Christine Hambuch-Boyle for School Board

So far I've used this page to express my support for two members of our community that I know personally. I'd like to make a final post endorsing a third school board candidate, after watching the community forum, hearing great reports from friends, and seeing this interview with Christine Hambuch-Boyle. I also know members of our community who highly respect Christine for her ambition, her passion, and her knowledge of our district.

When I listened to Christine's responses at this year's school board forum, I was impressed with her candor, her willingness to look deeply into the issues, and her experience as an educator. She is also great at connecting with community members via facebook. For example: I'm deeply opposed to privatizing education in Wisconsin, and, via her facebook page, I've been happy to see that Christine casts a skeptical eye at voucher programs.It's nice to know where someone stands on an issue, but Christine makes it easy using social media.

Please take the time to watch this interview with Christine here on Chippewa Valley community television. She's thoughtful, she's careful, and she's acutely aware of the role our school system has in our community. I'm impressed with her desire for community involvement in school board decisions.

Please, remember to vote tomorrow. These local elections can be extremely important, and I hope to see high turnout and a great new cast of school board members when I wake up on Wednesday!