Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good News and Shameless Self Promotion

Good News:

All six of the democrats won quite handily last night. This is a cause for celebration. Seriously. As Republicans want to say these candidates were fake, they've been trying. Hard. They seriously wanted to defeat the Democrats on the ballot. The candidates that we put up all defeated them quite easily. There is absolutely NO reason for us to believe that we can't do the same thing in August. Today we can celebrate. Tomorrow we need to get back on the train and start working toward an August 9th victory. We can do it! Wisconsin will be ours!

Shameless Self Promotion:

My band Yam Cannon is having our CD release party on August 13th, at the Mousetrap in Eau Claire.

We play all original music, and this is our second album. We're irreverent, non-nonsensical*, and fun. Our new album, titled "The Beards of the Sun," features work written over the course of the past three years we've spent playing bars, festivals, barnyards, and backyards all over the upper midwest. Come on the 13th, and let us be your soundtrack for the evening. The party starts at 9, and the music starts at 10.

*I sort of like this typo :)