Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big News in LaCrosse!

So, tonight, this happened:

Dem wins Wis. Assembly seat previously held by GOP

Associated Press - May 3, 2011 11:05 PM ET

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Democrat Steve Doyle defeated Republican John Lautz for the Wisconsin District 94 Assembly, flipping a seat held by Republicans for 16 years in a race that focused attention on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's plan to curtail collective bargaining right for most public employees.

With 92% of precincts reporting, Doyle won 54% to 46%, based on unofficial results in Tuesday's special election. The race flips a GOP Assembly seat for the Democrats, who remain in the minority.

The seat was previously held by Mike Huebsch, who Walker picked in January to serve as secretary of administration. Huebsch was first elected in 1994.

The district covers rural La Crosse County and parts of Monroe County.

This is huge for us. I'm so proud of the state-wide solidarity we're showing in this effort. His days are numbered. Soon we will take back the Senate. Keep fighting, Wisconsin. Keep working hard. Good people in every corner of this state are stepping up to fight back - when you see people in La Crosse and Monroe County stepping up, remember their fight, and work hard in your town. Every victory we win locally is a win for everyone in our state. Doesn't it feel good to know that sympathetic brothers and sisters live around every corner, coulee, hollow, valley, and hilltop in Wisconsin? We can maintain this joy with hard work, smiling at the billionaires as we keep our money here, instead of letting it flow into their pockets.

We hold all the cards here. We are a machine, well organized, thoughtful, happy, and strong. Our power is limited only by our own willingness to show up to elections, hearings, town meetings, and neighborhood events. Remember, history is written by those who show up. We will show up whenever and wherever we can. It's that easy. We can make Wisconsin a state where the middle class is the special interest group politicians have to worry about. Politicians, let it be known: If you want to win an election in Wisconsin, you've got to come through us first.

Not every battle will end in victory. Sometimes they will take a step from us as we move forward. But if tonight is any evidence, we've got them on the ropes. They spent a ton of money in that district - I don't know the totals - and we still won. Keep showing up, keep working, keep talking to your neighbors, keep yourselves informed about the issues, and before you know it, Wisconsin will be ours!