Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Political is Personal

Today on my facebook wall:
my little brother graduates from Harvard today, boldly paving the way for all the other idiots in my family to do ridiculous things. "Uh, my brother graduated from Harvard, I THINK I CAN BUILD A BEER BONG.
I'm really proud of him. He attended public school in Minnesota where we grew up, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a bachelors in molecular biology. He moved out to Boston for a girl, and found employment in a research lab at Harvard. He was able to work on Parkinson's and ALS research partially funded by one of our boyhood heroes; Kent Hrbek's foundation paid for a portion of his research. Harvard gave him cheap classes as a perk, and he took advantage of it. The girl eventually moved back to Minnesota, but he stayed around to work. Today he gets his masters degree.

He now lives in Baltimore after moving there for a new girl. Mary is pretty and very nice. Pete must have used the sum of his education in deciding to lock that down. This summer the two will get married and begin a life of living happily ever after. Pete was able to find employment in another research lab at Johns Hopkins University, and will be enrolling in classes there at some point after this Harvard thing is all finished.

Congrats today, Pete. You earned it. Thanks to all of Pete's teachers, from Mr. Hoffman to Dr. Galbraith and everyone in between, for taking care of my little brother and whipping his mind into shape. If our local schools can get a Thielen through Harvard, believe me, our education system here in the Midwest is truly amazing.