Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fighting Bob Fest!

Today I had the pleasure of attending a gathering to promote progressive causes, featuring several speakers and progressive groups throughout Wisconsin. The gathering was held in honor of the great Wisconsin progressive, "Fighting Bob LaFollette." They have Fighting Bob Fest down in his hometown every year, but this year we were treated to our own version.

Right now I'll keep it brief. In the coming days I'll write up a full description for the folks unable to attend. There were so many valuable lessons learned today, and it will take some time to sink in, and even more time will pass before I'm able to articulate things fully.

I regret that I haven't been posting for the past couple of weeks. Life has been busy, and a few things have taken the front seat for awhile. I hope no one will mistake the absence of posts here for apathy. I continue to be so very impressed with the level of understanding our neighbors have on local issues, and I'm convinced that Wisconsin will be ours if we continue to fight for it.

More to come!